Instructions for playing The Revenge of XYLOT


These are for the full version, in the demo the only weapon is the shotgun

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Use the keys on the numeric keypad to move around. The standard arrows move you forward, backward and turn. In addition, using the keypad 1 & 3 to sidestep is very important when you have enemies with missiles! Also, the jump key is keypad 0, which is easy to operate with your thumb, while your other fingers are using the arrow keys.

Look up/down with the A & Z keys. Press the '5' key in the middle of the numeric keypad to restore your viewing angle to straight ahead. When attacking low targets, it is sometimes necessary to point your viewpoint down a little and move backward in order to score hits.

Jumping is a little different than in other games, when you press the jump key, you crouch down to get ready for the jump. When the key is released, you fly into the air. The power of your jump is dependent on how long you crouch before you jump. This takes a big getting used to, but allows you to control the power of your jump.

As an alternative to the keypad 0 key, users may use the J key to jump. All keys can be reassigned via the Options/Key Binding menu.

Inventory (Picking stuff up)

There are many items which can be picked up and held in the inventory display at the top of the screen. When close to an item which can be picked up, it will appear in the 'item' display at the top of the screen next to the inventory bar. When an item is showing up there, you may pick up the item by pressing the Enter key, either on the main keyboard or on the numeric keypad.

Some items like First Aid or ammo for a weapon you have may automatically get used upon picking the item up.

To use or drop an item use the '<' or '>' (greater than or less than angle brackets) to select the desired inventory item. When the desired item is selected, press the 'd' key to drop it, or the space bar to use it.

First Aid Packs

Walk over these and pick them up to heal yourself. If you are already fully healed, they will go into your inventory.  Use them later if you take more hits.

Ammo Packs

Each weapon has its own ammo type. If you have the correct weapon in your inventory, and there is room in the clip for more rounds, they will be auto-picked-up when you walk over them. A click sound gives you an audible cue when this occurs.


Flashlights illuminate the world around you with a beam of light. They can be turned on/off by 'Using' them according to the instructions above for using an inventory item.


Doors can be locked, which means you will need a key to pass through. When you bump up against the door, the required key will briefly flash in the 'key' box up in your inventory display. This is telling you which key you need to have in your possession to go through. There is no key press necessary to open door. Simply bumping into it will cause it to open if you have the right key.


The only weapon you have at the game's start is your fist. Use the weapon by pressing either Control key on your keyboard. The punch is not a very effective weapon, and your enemies will only stay down for a short period if you manage to knock one out.

Other weapons require ammo to fire. Sometimes a weapon will already have ammo in it, other times you must find some ammo yourself.

You can cycle through your weapons with the square bracket keys [ ]. Or you can go to weapon directly by pressing number keys on the main keyboard (not the keypad). 0=punch 4=Machine Pistol etc.


The shotgun is much more devastating to unarmored enemies, and does not require as good an aim. However, sometimes you need to use the A & Z keys to point it up or down to score hits on low or high enemies. The rate of fire is somewhat slow.

Rocket Launcher

The most effective weapon of the game is the rocket launcher. It fires a rocket-propelled shell which is devastating to all target types. The drawback is that it is very easy to kill yourself with it. Do not use the rocket launcher in close quarters, or if there is an obstruction between you and your target which is close by. Watch your ammo carefully, usually there is a limited supply of shells.


To save your game, press the Alt key. The menu pops up. Then select Load/Save from the Game menu. Select a save slot. Then highlight and change the description in the description box. Then click on the 'Save' button. To return to your game close the dialog box, and then go the Game menu and select 'Continue'.

Loading your game goes just like you would think. Press 'Alt' to bring up the menu. Select Load/Save, then select the slot and click on the 'Load' button.

Gameplay Hints

When the game starts, pick up the shotgun in front of you.

When being attacked my many, try to position yourself so that one shotgun blast will strike multiple enemies. That way you can eliminate the threat more quickly.

Be very careful with the rocket launcher. Do not shoot a close by enemy, wall, and be careful you aren't pointed at the ceiling or floor when you shoot it, or you will not live long.

Be sure to get the yellow key for the door to the next level. .

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Trouble Shooting

System Requirements

Note: Also read the About Page for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about The Revenge of XYLOT.

The Revenge of XYLOT uses alot of artwork, so it requires a video card with 16 Mb of video memory. If you have this much or more, but you still get a message box warning about video memory when you try to run it, go ahead and try to run anyway. More often than not it will work fine.

Some cards like the ASUS TNT2 will make the sky way too bright, and some objects will have big black squares around them. You can get rid of the black squares by going to the Render options, and selecting the 'Alpha key transparency' option.

If you get an error like 'DDSUPPORT_COULDNOTATTACHSURFACE' then mostly likely your card does not have enough video memory to play Tomb of XYLOT using your video hardware accelerator. You might want to try switching your D3D Driver to RGB (software driver) to see if you can at least see the game, but the frame rate might be way too slow to be a playable game.

Unless you have lots of video memory on your card, use a 16bit graphics mode if you have one. This will require much less video memory that 24bit or 32bit graphics mode. The video mode and D3D driver is accessible from the Game menu before you start the game.