Welcome to the REVENGE of

The Past:

Ephradius stood before the heap of smoldering ash. His sword had swung fast and his blows were accurate. Xylot had been a force to be reckoned with, but he had not reckoned the power that Ephradius held within the sword. A spark emitted light from the pile and caught Ephradius' eye. He blinked, then looked again. Another spark threw little balls of blue electricity and the ash revealed a small circuit board. "Xylot... a computer?" he thought aloud. He brushed aside some ash and there it was. Certainly not where he thought it would be, but nonetheless, the Medallion of Creation was there. All along it had been a part of Xylot. Perhaps it was what kept him alive... mixing his biological life force with the computer that drove his very functions. A computer screen flashed as a portal opened before him. They beckoned him forth. Ephradius well knowing the silent call of the elders stepped through, returning once more the Medallion to it's rightful owners.

The present:

It has been twenty years since Xylot was defeated by the mighty Ephradius. The ashes since blown away by the winds of time within the tomb. The world of Zyles had prospered much during this time of peace and the Elders, having sealed the Medallion within a cave, had almost forgotten about Xylot. One day during the yearly council meeting, a computer screen lights up, flashing uncontrollably as a voice comes through the speakers, becoming ever louder and more audible..... "FOOLISH MORTALS!!! DID YOU THINK I WOULD SLEEP FOREVER?! DID YOU THINK THAT THE TOMB OF FORBADDEN WOULD KEEP ME FROM COMING BACK?! I HAVE COME AGAIN, THAT YOU UNDERSTAND ONCE AND FOR ALL THAT I AM NOT MERELY FLESH AND CIRCUIT, BUT THAT I AM YOUR KING!!! NO ONE WILL DEFEAT ME THIS TIME! SEND YOUR BEST AND WHEN I AM FINISHED WITH HIM, I WILL COME FOR YOU!!!" The thunder of the voice ceases, the computer shuts down and silence fills the air. Kudar the eldest, stands before the council... eyeing each member with a face of stone. "Indeed my worst fears have come true and so it is that I call upon Ephradius once more." He raises his arms and his eyes turn fiery red. In a whisp of smoke Ephradius appears before all the council, dumbfounded. "Wh....?" Kudar waves a hand in interruption. "Xylot has returned my friend. I know not how or why, but you are the only one who could defeat him before, and you are the only one who can do it now." He turns, clasping his hands behind his back as he continues. "Xylot claims to be our god. This is much farther than he took it before, and if I'm not mistaken, he has come back much stronger too. This is something we cannot allow, for Zyles would not survive another onlsaught such as Xylot did before." Kudar eyes Ephradius. "As I, and only I know the temple of Xylot, then I shall be your guide Ephradius. I shall assist you from time to time on the astral plane for I am too old now to make the journey in the physical realm. You must leave immediately however and I will be with you later." Without warning nor question he waves his hand upward and Ephradius vanishes, only to appear at XYLOT's mountain fortress. The mountain rumbles and Ephradius grips his shotgun in anticipation of the adventure to come.....

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